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This file has an exhaustive list of all years and denominations prior to decimalisation, but is not always as up-to-date as the information on the values pages. For other currencies consult your local bank coin lists collection. At present (31st May 2017) 1 UK pound is about US$1. However, the following is a guide to the main grading scheme used for UK coins (please note that the UK standards are higher than for US coins): Poor: Inscriptions worn off, date illegible, only outline of design visible. The prices are significantly more than you might expect to receive when you are selling. Coins in this or the previous grades are really only collectable if extremely rare. Proof coins usually have very sharp edges. Valuation of a coin is impossible without a sound knowledge of the grading of coins. I would welcome any feedback to produce a more exhaustive list. Index to Coin Value Pages by Denomination Denomination CYB stands for Coin Yearbook, published by Token Publishing Ltd.

I am extremely grateful to Token Publishing Ltd of Honiton, Devon for permission to reproduce this copyright material. eù´€ùƒyk,ƒFówæ­N,ÖÌa™,ü˜÷1˜0/c°-`ÞÄ`kÀ¼ž. Usually applied to proof coins only, or coins from sealed mint sets. Current exchange rates and bullion values may be available on my Bullion Value page. Considerable wear over the whole coin, and high spots worn through. Sources It is stressed that the prices in the above pages are a guide to current retail prices only, and in UK pounds. 鋃s‹ƒ£ÓBÓ̦ö˜w2Ø40û280×2|` fpøÀœÆÀ滎8¼¬&°ð0¸7°†2Ø03¨M`îc0g`Žf°3`Žbðu`)dpxÀlÅàÀrŒAóë; ‹9N50®cð`Ìa`RXþæ>ðÿ̙#>gŽ8@½ËÔ)¡xÚ ìFéñ“®§. (US: MS-67) FDC (Fleur de Coin): Perfect mint state, with no abrasions or marks, and full lustre. (US: VG-8) Good (G): (A US grade, better described as Mediocre) Inscriptions and date considerably worn but legible. (US: EF-40) Extremely Fine (EF): Slight wear on high spots on close inspection, and all other detail clear and sharp.

Click here to download an 87 kbyte Zip file containing Pre-Decimal UK Coins Excel File (288 kbytes) and Decimal UK Coins Excel File (59 kbytes) coin lists collection. Grading A range of grades are used to describe the condition of coins. (US: VG-8) The value pages do not give estimated values for coins in worse than Fine condition.Golem.
. For this there is no real substitute for experience. This file is separate from the Pre-decimal file because only one grade is valued (two if a readily available proof exists). Although every effort has been made to ensure that they have been copied correctly, I take no responsibility for their accuracy, nor for the consequences of any decisions others might make based on this information. Traces of mint lustre may linger amongst the letters of the inscription. For coins prior to 1815 only the next three grades are quoted for, while those from 1815 also include the Unc grade Fine (F): Worn over whole area, but only the highest spots are worn completely through. I can take no personal responsibility for their accuracy, although every effort has been made to ensure that they have been entered correctly. .

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